Fully Driver-less cars in China before U.S. and Europe?

Driver-less technology
Driver-less technology

When I say Driver-less, I am referring to a vehicle where the vehicle is responsible for its actions. No one in the driver seat or someone who can be held responsible for an accident. Like a child or blind person in the vehicle. Here in the U.S. our states are regulating these vehicles with the driver behind the wheel responsible for every action.

Driver-less cars / trucks will most likely become extremely predominant in China before the United States and Europe. Due to regulation and other interested parties. Meanwhile in China they can push through whatever technology they view as a benefit to there society.

Law makers and regulators are going to be pushed around by automakers trying to hold onto the current car ownership models, here in the west. I imagine insurance companies and regulators taking years to figure out some of the smallest details. The bigger questions like if the only passenger in the vehicle is drunk or blind during an accident, who is at fault. Or building the car sharing model means we will need less vehicles.

Meanwhile in China they are experiencing 12 day traffic jams. Traffic that’s consuming oil at an absurd rate. Their leaders will be able to push through any technology they view as a benefit.

They will experience the growing pains that will come along with this technology. A Google like company will probably move into help, so they can help improve on driver-less technology. Like Google did with robotics.